Texture Pro CT Software | Advanced Edition



Take control of your CT3 Texture Analyzer with this powerful, easy-to-use TexturePro CT Advanced Edition software. Collect data and perform detailed analysis with real-time graphic plotting. Easily create custom reports and graphs right from the menu screen.

  • Easy selection of test parameters
  • Database file structure to manage files
  • Sample identification set-up screen to help new operators quickly get started
  • Test method setup defines various parameters
  • Intuitive setup for test methods and database file structures in a single window
  • Data is captured as a graph and stored in tabular database format
  • Data File Management page for handling data search, import, export, load, and delete functions
  • Easy data load and export of files to other computers and Microsoft Excel
  • Advanced data analysis with built-in parameter calculations such as springiness, chewiness, hardness, and more
  • Statistical analysis for evaluating mean and standard deviation of each result parameter for up to 30 samples
  • Easy export of data and statistical reports into Microsoft Excel and PDF versions
  • Custom page to help operators configure a customized display
  • Database utility to create, restore, maintain database files, and set up automatic backup

21 CFR features

  1. Data Accessibility and Data Integrity

    • Data storage in a password-protected database
    • Data can be exported as XLS files for easy accessibility
    • Encrypted PDF or direct printout facility for security
  1. Limited Access to Authorized Individuals

    • Facility to create multiple accounts
    • Three-leveled login access
      • Administrator access levels
      • Power-User access levels
      • Regular user access levels
    • Access right of each level is configurable
    • Create custom access level groups beyond Admin, User, and Power-User
    • Login and password policy features:
      • Number of failed logins
      • Password expiration
      • Software lockout time
      • Password complexities:
        1. Minimum password length
        2. Uppercase character inclusion
        3. Special character inclusion
  1. Electronic Signatures
    • Digital signatures attached to all file formats and viewable in all human-readable formats
  1. Audit Trails
    • Log file creation and deletion
    • Log changes to user access
    • Log changes to background settings that influence data readings (e.g., probe offsets)
    • Print or export Audit Trail Report into a PDF version
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit), Windows 8, Windows 10
  • 2 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM
  • One USB or RS-232 port
  • 800x600 resolution display